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Why ABC Manager


ABC Manager is a reliable Content Management System which is fully equipped for websites and applications that demand high availability. You can manage and expand our CMS to fit your needs, offering full flexibility for your editors and a powerful layer for application developers.


ABC Manager gives editors freedom in their daily work with version management at all levels and an easy to use workflow system. The modular CMS makes it easy for editors to manage and publish content, whereby all content can be easily linked to each other.


Our CMS can be customized to fit anyone’s need by writing extensions and, if necessary, integrate third-party software components. ABC Manager does not use encryption on the source code, so support for developers is optimal!


An overview of all features

Clear Overview

With ABC Manager you create and edit content in clear and logical overviews, which can be arranged to your own taste, integrating your own components into the modules. Additionally, it should come as no surprise that the interface is fully responsive. Flexibility ​​and clarity for editors is the main guideline!


If you wish to immediately view the latest Google Analytics when starting ABC Manager, or want to instantly view articles with the most responses or shares - we’ve got you. With a customized personal dashboard you view the most essential information in a quick glance, it's all configurable!

Flexible Interface

You can build a module view completely from scratch, using the full Application Stack. This makes it possible to, in addition to using our regular content modules, create a fully custom experience for the CMS users.

Content APIs

ABC Manager is increasingly being used as a central content hub for applications on the platform. Third-party content can be imported, managed and enriched, after which further distribution can take place via its own content API.

Content Hub

We have made it easy to connect third-party content or applications to ABC Manager via APIs. ABC Manager will act as a Central Content Hub where you can manage your own and supplied content.


With one login you have access to all your applications and websites. Naturally, content can be shared between the various applications that run on the platform.


With clear and intuitive modules you manage the content the way you want! Unambiguous actions and feedback guide you through the editorial work. All modules are equipped with version management.


A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface to tell and publish your stories. Add texts, quotes, polls, galleries, videos, maps and more in an intuitive way.

Edit Images

Cut, rotate, scale and edit your images in ABC Manager which publishes the images in the correct format for your visitors' device, no extra program needed!

ABC Manager projects

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